Laminator V2.0 CZRS-1800

Release time:2020-07-15


The principle of the device is that the melting and boiling points of polymer materials are different, and the sensitivity of the materials to temperature and thermoplasticity match two or more materials together.

The device uses heat radiation to wrap one or several polymer materials on another material. The equipment circuit adopts a closed-loop control system, and the temperature and speed run accurately and stably. Product quality is high and efficiency is high. Save time, space and labor costs.

Electrical parameters



Maximum power

3800Based on 6 stations

Input air source

Clean compressed air

Compressed air


Ambient temperature and humidity

5~55℃0~75% Non-condensing)


L*B*H=880x 700 x 2700 (mm)

Adjustable speed accuracy


Adjustable displacement accuracy


Product outer diameter


Heating temperature




Installation site

Standard production workshop

Device Description:

a.Precise two-dimensional fine-tuning platform: Concentricity problems occur during product processing, you can fine-tune the concentricity of the product through the two-dimensional fine-tuning platform.

b.Product fixture: Before the equipment is running, the processed product needs to be clamped so that the equipment can capture the processed product for subsequent processing. The product fixture is divided into two types of upper and lower fixtures. The upper fixture is closed by the cylinder and adaptive to different tube diameter products. The lower fixture is an eccentric wheel structure. When changing, the multi-station fixture only needs to manually adjust the knob once, which is convenient for adjustment.

c.Hot runner module: An important heating module during product processing.

d.Controllerplatform for human-computer interaction. The platform where operators give equipment control instructions and read equipment operation information.

e.Mobile module: The hot runner module is attached to the mobile module, so that the hot runner module moves up and down.

f.Emergency switch: The switch button for emergency stop of the equipment in case of emergency.

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