Shanghai Chongzhan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

We are a customer-centric manufacturing enterprise. Emphasize communication with direct users. Promote proposal marketing, actively recommend standardized products, according to customer specific needs, tailor-made, non-standard corresponding.


It is our responsibility to constantly meet the needs of our customers and constantly exceed the expectations of our customers. In line with the full range of service concept, advanced technology and higher value to our customers.

Application and innovation

Customer demand is our development direction. We in the head officeundefineds technical foundation, independent innovation, unceasingly promotes conforms to the market reality product. Attach importance to the market suitability of products, emphasize the innovation of technology.
Grasp the latest trend of the industry in time, seek the change, seek the new, seek the first, strive to always be in the forefront of the industry. Do not forget the hard work, do not forget to unite, do not forget to open up innovation.