Laser bonding machine

Release time:2020-07-17


The laser bonding machine is suitable for welding polymer materials. The device uses laser energy to weld polymer materials together, such as nylon, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, PET and other polymers.

The whole process of welding the polymer materials is visualized, the welding points are enlarged, and infrared laser welding is used to facilitate the confirmation of welding spots in batches of materials. Laser energy and welding methods are more material adjustable.

Equipment clamping products have high concentricity, stable operation, simple operation, simple and effective.





AC210~230V    50HZ

Maximum power


Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity

0~75% RHnon-condensing

Control core host

Mitsubishi PLC

Main cooling fan

Ball axial fan

CO2 laser energy power adjustment range


CO2 laser energy stability


Beam size


Rotary motor speed


Protective door


Laser moving speed


Movement speed accuracy


Laser running distance


Automatic spot size adjustment


Automatic workpiece clamping system




Device Description:

a.10.2 inch human-computer interaction interface: The interface for the operator to read and enter the operation information of the device.

b.Cross generator adjustment panel: Adjust the position where the crosshairs of the display coincide with the laser.

c.Power switch: the interface where the device is powered on and the main switch of the device.

d.Air source interface: the connection port of the device air source.

e.Extension bracket: The operator chooses to use the extension bracket to support the product according to the needs of the processed product.

f.Emergency stop button: used to interrupt the circuit and all programs during the operation of the equipment.

g.15-inch display: real-time monitoring of processing status.

h.Plasma air gun interface: The interface for connecting the equipment to the plasma air gun, which has the functions of dust removal and anti-static.

i.Energy calibration serial port: a serial port for calibrating the energy of the device.

j.Automatic four-wing spring clamp:a device that automatically clamps the product at the right end of the device.

k.Automatic double-wing chuck:a device that automatically holds the product at the left end of the device.

l.Control buttons: Some buttons of the device such as start, run, stop, etc.