Electropolishing Equipment

Release time:2020-07-17


The electropolishing equipment is used for polishing the surface of the stent.

Through the electrolysis of the stent, the atoms of the stent are arranged more closely, and impurities are removed at the same time, so that the product has better toughness, and the surface has a bright color and a mirror effect.


The equipment mainly has three modes of current, voltage and duty cycle to produce products.


The equipment parameters can be adjusted, saved and recalled, the operation is simple, the structure is compact, the structure is optimized, and it is convenient for later cleaning and maintenance.




Input voltage


Maximum power


Ambient humidity



Single slot:610*410*610(mm)

Double slot:960*650*930(mm)

Installation site

Standard production workshop

Maximum heating temperature

100°(can be customized according to the power of the heating rod)

Device Description:

a.Input power:the connection between the equipment power supply and the air source;

b.HMI:an interface for information exchange between equipment and operators;

c.Emergency switch:a button for the device to stop working immediately;

d.Key switch:switch to power on the device;

e.Pulse electrode plate:Generate pulsed DC current, you can choose two ways of voltage stabilization and current stabilization.

f.Cathode/ Anode terminal:Provide cathode and anode electrons to make the solution and product electrolyze;

g.Stirrer:Stirring the solution can control the temperature and ion concentration distribution of the electrolytic solution, and at the same time remove the air bubbles attached to the surface of the product by centrifugal force;