Balloon air pressure leak detector PTA5000

Release time:2020-07-15


Balloon air leak detector is used to monitor the air tightness of the balloon. The equipment has four channels, and each channel is controlled separately, which is convenient for the operator to choose according to his needs.





Device parameters

Input voltage


Maximum power


Input air source

Clean high-pressure nitrogen,clean compressed air

High pressure nitrogen P1


Compressed air P2


Ambient humidity


Ambient temperature


Equipment size (host)

L*W*H=580x 500x 230 (mm)

Process parameters


High-pressure nitrogen, compressed air

Output pressure range


Pressure detection accuracy


Extract negative pressure range

0~ -12.5psi

Simultaneously suppress the number of products tested


Pressure detection pressure setting mode

Parameterized settings

Simultaneously conduct negative pressure testing for the number of products


Vacuum setting mode for vacuum detection

manual adjustment


Device Description:

a. HIM:operating touch screen, used for manual setting of equipment operation, parameter setting, air pressure value display of each channel, detection structure display, detection mode selection, etc.;

b. Air pressure adjustment knob: used to manually adjust the air pressure during gas detection;

c. Start button: used to start the test run;

d. Stop button: used to interrupt the current test;

e. Reset button: used to reset all states after the product is tested, for the next test;

f. Air pressure detection interface (4 channels): used to connect products to perform pressure detection.

g. Negative pressure detection interface (single channel): used to connect products and perform negative pressure detection;

h. Emergency stop button: it is used to terminate the operation immediately and cut off the high-pressure gas source for safety and protective operation in case of emergency;